English Language Centre Bristol

English Language Centre Bristol


Founded in 1969, the English Language Centre Bristol is a family-run school offering General English and examination preparation courses for full-time, motivated students in Bristol, a lively university city 100 miles west of London.

The school has an excellent mix of nationalities and a strong reputation for personal service and good accommodation.

With the focus on teaching General English and preparing students for internationally recognised examinations, we aim to provide high quality education in the English language by recruiting and retaining a team of experienced and qualified teachers and by being committed as a school to the progress and welfare of each individual student.

This school believes that progress in language learning is achieved by creating a stimulating, supportive and active learning environment in which the needs of each student can be met. The students are the most important people in the school and every member of staff is here to help you get the most out of your time in the UK.

We get to know all our students as individuals. Not only will we help you in the classroom but we will also interview you regularly and also plan an individual supervised self-study programme for you. Every single student is known by name and every student in the school is discussed in our weekly teachers' meetings.

All of our teachers are qualified native speakers, but maybe what is equally important is that they care a lot about our students. They also have many years' experience teaching English (average: 20 years) and they have worked at ELC Bristol for a long time (average: 11 years).

A special advantage for our students is that during the academic year, they can use the facilities and join the social clubs of the University of Bristol Students’ Union – the perfect way to make English friends.

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