About us

English UK South West, formed in 2009, is a regional association of language centres in the UK. Part of English UK, we aim to promote the South West region of the UK as a top language travel destination and an area of educational excellence.

We have over twenty member organisations offering a full range of English language courses from intensive executive training to junior summer camps. All centres are accredited by the British Council and members of English UK. English UK South West members offer some of the highest quality English language tuition, and have a solid reputation amongst agents worldwide.

Our member schools are located throughout the South West, providing prospective students with a wide variety of options for every preference and interest.

The elected committee of English UK South West meets regularly and, together with the services of a part-time dedicated marketing assistant, achieves objectives through:

  • the production and maintenance of this website showcasing the English language courses offered by members and the many and varied attractions of the south west as a study destination.
  • the organisation of an annual inward mission / FAM trips and workshops for agents.
  • the organisation of our annual conference offering networking opportunities for teachers, operations and management staff.
  • joint tendering for large groups through a central booking point.
  • the organisation of outward missions abroad to visit agents as a group and promote the south west region at cost price.
  • organising bi-annual ‘Membership Plus’ meetings at member schools, allowing members to get together for a relevant training session and a further opportunity to network and share best practice.


  • To raise and enhance the profile of the region to anyone with an interest in the language travel business.
  • To organize marketing and sales initiatives to maintain and grow business for its members.
  • To encourage the maintenance and development of the highest professional standards in the teaching of English as a foreign language within the region.
  • To gain full advantage from our collective membership of English UK.
  • To lobby regional and national government and non-government organisations on behalf of the membership.

If you are interested in becoming a member of English UK South West, please contact us.