Meridian School of English

Meridian School of English

Devon, Plymouth

Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City, is one of Europe’s most vibrant waterfront cities with a rich maritime heritage.

The historic Barbican is at the heart, with the city’s oldest buildings, cobbled streets and a picturesque harbour featuring the famous Mayflower Steps.

The School occupies the historic Swarthmore Centre on Mutley Plain, close both to Plymouth University, which with around 30,000 students, is one of the largest in the UK, and the city centre – just a 25 minute walk away –though there’s a bus stop right outside the centre too! The area is a popular place for University students to live, so it’s quite lively, with many bars, pubs and cafes.

As well as classrooms, there is an area for relaxation and conversation and a room for quiet study and contemplation . Free WiFi is available, as are computers with internet access.
Many nearby takeaways, cafes and convenience stores offer reasonably-priced food and drinks for snacks and lunch, and there is a pleasant garden in front of the school in which to enjoy them.

Students are invited to join in a range of free and paid activities designed to provide an opportunity to experience British culture, and explore Plymouth. These include an orientation walk on the first day, social evenings in traditional British pubs, eating in local restaurants, listening to live music, bowling, pool and skittles as well as shopping. There are also additional cultural trips every Saturday, which are subject to a supplementary charge.

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Swarthmore Adult Education Centre
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